Hi, I’m Torrie, the face behind Fox + Hazel!

Welcome to my piece of the internet, where I love to make art, draw, create design freebies, make DIYs, and basically do anything creative I can. I have spent my life with a hand in multiple creative pots for as long as I can remember. I’ve knitted, sewed, painted, hot-glued, drawn, and nearly everything in between. I finally found my creative voice and haven’t looked back since. I try to create art every single day, and find deep joy in the work I produce.

My passions for creating art and creating a community around art making have become a core value in my life. I was able to take the leap of faith by selling my art and reaching out to the art communities to share my passion with others. Quickly afterward, I became a creative team member for several amazing brands, sold my artwork in local shops, launched my own Instagram 30 Day Watercolour Challenge and contributed to some amazing online classes (Hack the Color Wheel and 21 Secrets: Tell Your Story)

Apart from my physical art I produce and teaching, I’ve also developed my hand at graphic design. My first taste of this work was in high school, and I’m forever grateful for a school that offered these classes. Recently, over the last 5 years, I’ve had the pleasure of creating branding & logos for several clients, and create social media graphics for multiple accounts. My love of creating art extends past the brush and into a digital one, and the balance of the two gives me a lot of variety that I enjoy!

My deep belief is that every human on this planet is creative in their soul. We were made to design, create, paint, play, imagine and share our inner artist with the world. It’s just a matter of letting ourselves tap into that resource within us. There is an inner artist/crafter/plant arranger/advanced organizer just dying to be let out. It’s just a matter of taking the time to discover who that inner voice is, and what they’re trying to say. Through this blog, I aim to help people tap into that inner voice. I share posts to inspire and encourage, share high-quality projects and freebies and create artwork to hopefully inspire others to pick up a brush or pen.

Some fun facts about me!

  • I have three kids who are 8 years old and under! Yes – I’m busy.
  • My plant lady status is official – the last check I had 78 houseplants and counting!
  • All my artistic skills were taught myself, and I’ve never attended post-secondary for it.
  • My high school years were spent as an emo angsty teen, complete with lip rings, backcombed hair and black eyeliner. Thankfully there is very little photo evidence left from this era.
  • I have 6 tattoos, and they are all on my hands/forearms. None of them are sentimental.
  • The walls of my house are my favourite canvas! I love painting murals whenever I get the chance.
  • My husband and I married when I was just 19 – puppy love!
  • Coconut is created from the ashes of hell and is the worst flavour you can choose. No offense. It sucks. A lot.
  • I love reading adult high fantasy and my to-read list is basically never-ending. My favourite high fantasy author is the queen herself, Sarah J. Maas.
  • I am a habitual cuticle chewer, which I’m trying to stop. I’ve been working on it for 20 years.