Fox + Hazel was founded in July 2012 and has been growing steadily each month. Readers are majority women, aged 25-45 living in the USA, Canada and the UK. They are interested in Home Decor, DIY Wall Art, Watercolour and Art Journaling

I would be excited to work with you to find the best way to promote your brand on Fox + Hazel and social media. I want to craft something that is exciting, high quality and honest.

Some of the collaboration ideas I offer include sponsored blog posts, brand ambassadorship, product design, and giveaways.  These are just a few ideas… have something in mind? I’m all ears!

For more ideas and information about how we can work together and for recent Fox + Hazel statistics, send me an email: for a full media kit.

I strive to provide the highest quality work and this extends to my business partnerships. To ensure the best possible experience for readers and brands, Fox + Hazel sponsors are selected at my discretion.  I only promote brands I love and trust. Please note that we do not publish review posts, no guest articles, or text ad links. If you’re inquiring about any of these categories, I will not reply back.

Please see my full policies (including disclosure) here.