Inktober: Week 1 + 2

If I didn’t already have enough going on this month, I also decided to do Inktober for the first time. It’s an artistic challenge of creating in ink for every day in the month of October. The past two years I have seen it come and go and wished I’d made the time for it. I decided this year I was doing it, even with it being a busy month! It has been a great exercise in daily commitment and working on my lettering. I tend to follow the same patterns when it comes to my lettering, so this forced me to be more creative.

To make it achievable and not stressful, my theme ended up just being lettering with some florals.  I knew if I tried to do more complex illustrations that I would get overwhelmed and quit. Simple is key! I have started so many challenges and never finished them (looking at you 100 Day Project and Art Marks.) I’ve been wanting to improve my lettering more, so this seemed like a great way to push myself to practice.

I’ve been sharing my work over on Instagram, but I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone too much there with sharing all of the finished pieces. So, here is the first 14 days of Inktober for you to enjoy! I’ll be posting again at the end of the month with the other 15 days I’ll have completed (hopefully?!)

Inktober 2017-1-taylor-swift-look-what-you-made-me-do

Inktober 2017-2-bridge-the-divide

Inktober 2017-3-love-could-be-poison

Inktober 2017-4-find-water-and-stars

Inktober 2017-5-bored-to-death-blink-182


Inktober 2017-6-rely-on-her-own-sword

Inktober 2017-7-wishing-wells-blink-182

Inktober 2017-8-do-not-fear-crooked-shadow

Inktober 2017-9-wake-the-dead-cassandra-clare

Inktober 2017-10-the-world-gigantic-painting-picasso

Inktober 2017-11-run-the-day





  • margessw

    October 21, 2017 at 8:59 am

    Great job !!!

    1. Torrie Lynn

      October 24, 2017 at 8:41 pm

      Thank you!

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