Week 4 // World of Love

In my usual style, I’ve waited until the last minute to link up my journal entries this week. The days always seem to get away on me lately. It’s Monday and I have all the time in the world. Next thing I know, it’s Thursday and I’m scrambling! Nevertheless, here are these weeks entries just in time. Maybe next week I won’t be so disorganized…


Materials: gesso//prismacolor marker//watercolour//gouache//one cute one year old


I felt like keeping this layout fairly clean and simple, which turned out the way I hoped it would. It seems that I’d rather be thoughtful about the few elements I’m using, rather than just tossing a bunch of stuff on the page for the sake of filling up space. I snapped the picture a couple days ago when my sweet (and very sick) daughter C fell asleep on me after nursing. There’s nothing quite like a sleeping baby.





As hard as I try, I cannot CANNOT write without it lifting on the right unless I’m writing on lined paper. Maybe it means something, like in those handwriting analysis things. Or maybe it just means I can’t write in a straight line šŸ˜‰


Materials: scrapbook paper//found paper//vellum//watercolor//pen//washi tape

I’m super pleased with how this layout came out! We were challenged to use paper to create a background, shape, etc. I’d been hoarding a black and white calendar of Paris since 2008 (??) and it struck me as the perfect image to use. I had to fend off my 2 1/2 year old while I was trying to cut the strips (and as I type this, I am fending off my 1 year old from smashing my keyboard!)



I used a tutorial over on the Get Messy blog to come up with these hearts on an old copy of Romeo & Juliet. I used a water soluble ink, then just did a quick wash of water to get it to run.


Whenever love comes up or is discussed, it always comes back to the same meaning to me. Love is sacrifice and selflessness. So much to go with it, but I’ll save that for now. I always find it interesting what associations others make with certain values or concepts, especially universal ones. I’ve been seeing some of the other member’s pages today and they are so interesting and equally inspiring!

Thanks for taking a peak at my work this week! As always, you can find me posting daily over on Instagram! šŸ™‚

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