Adventure // Week 5 & 6

It looks like the season of Adventure has come to an end for Get Messy! These last 6 weeks have been incredible for pushing me creatively and to try new things, new techniques, and to be more brave in sharing my art work. 

I was away on vacation last week so I wasn’t able to share my pages, so I have them here now. Being away from the Internet for a whole week freed up lots of time to create & journal. There is also this week’s page that I didn’t get to share yesterday (instead I shared my first zine!) So you get a two-for-one this post! Woo hoo!



Thanks again for checking out my pages for this week! *They’re even later as I post this since my internet has been wonky for the last week! Yeesh*

Also, instead of linking up a whole bunch of links, I’ve listed all my other posts related to this season of Adventure for you to check out:

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