It’s Christmas at Fox & Hazel!

Ah, it’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeaaar.

Not quite, but we’re working our way there. It’s only snowed a couple of times so far and each time was less than an inch of snow. Which is already a Christmas miracle for this part of the world. Most kids around here go trick-or-treating on Halloween with their costumes over a snowsuit. My entire childhood consisted of designing costumes to go over my winter coat

Anyways, I digress. The weather is great, we had Thanksgiving ages ago, which means one thing is on its way. Everyone’s favourite holiday, and the time of year we feel the need to deck out our houses in all kinds of decor. I am a fan of Christmas decorating! Our tree goes up every year on December 1st, regardless what day of the week it is. Now that my girls are older, Libby is really excited about “Chwismas, an Santa, an pwesents, an snow!” She somehow has figured out the whole Santa ordeal without either parent ever mentioning it to her. Although, we did ask her if Santa was real on the weekend and she laughed and replied, “Ha! No, Santa not weal. Jus’ pwetend.” So. I guess we’re just gonna roll with it so we don’t have to crush her dreams in a few more years. Win!

All the excitement for Christmas has me just excited about everything that comes with the holidays. Baking, trimming the tree, gift buying, wrapping said gifts, celebrating my birthday, etc etc. I love it all. I especially love swapping out artwork in our house for Christmas prints to up the festive attitude. And this year, I’m so excited to share that I’ve released my very own set of Christmas prints! They were so much fun to work on.

Everyone’s Christmas decor is so different from everyone else’s (ours are natural textures, brown, white, and gold), so I designed these prints to go in any room with any decor. The minimal look blends seamlessly into a gallery wall while adding that festive cheer you want.

Want to know what the best part of these prints is? That they also come in digital format. Yup! If you’re a fan of printable art, you can get all 4 prints in a digital format and print them at home yourself. Perfect for last-minute decorating, or for being a super keener and decorating early šŸ˜‰ You can find the digital versions here in the shop.

In addition to the prints, I’ve also designed a set of Christmas cards! These were even more fun to work on, and I allowed myself to use more colour in the palette. Lots of reds, greens, and some black to balance it out.

If you’re on my Christmas list, not to ruin the surprise, but you’ll be getting one of these cards. But you’ll love it! Woo!

And to celebrate the pre-holiday season, there are deals on all of my Christmas products to help you get ready for the season. All my cards are Buy 3, Get 4th Free. And all the digital downloads are Buy 2, Get 3rd Free. Now you have no excuse not to decorate those walls with some festive art!

I hope you guys love the collection because it’s been so fun doing a seasonal set of prints!

In non-shop related news, the newest season of Get Messy has started and I will be sharing my weekly pages every Thursday on here. I’m hoping I still have time with the holiday season upon us, so keep an eye on this page to see some MAGICAL holiday pages šŸ™‚

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