Season of Words // Week 3

Hey, howdy, hey! (In the words of the greatest cowboy of all: Woody. Duh.)

It’s another week in the Get Messy season of Words. I’ll admit that I made these pages at 6:00 am this morning because I’ve been hustling on another project in my free time. For making these in the early hours with a coffee in hand, I’m pretty happy with the results. On to the pages we go!

This page had nothing to do with the prompts. I started it a couple of days ago and felt the need to finish. This magenta paint is everything right now. It’s what my spirit colour would look like. So bright and bold and goes with every single page. This one is just a mash of black gesso, modeling paste, and acrylic. There’s silver in there (but doesn’t photograph well) and some tissue paper collaged on. On to the actual prompts for this week…


My found poem turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I just used the next available page and hoped for the best. I mean, the fact that I’m using an old book of poetry probably helps with this a LOT, but hey, I’ll take it.

We were prompted to use our favourite word for this page, and while I really really relate to and love the word “shizzle”, it wasn’t quite right for this page. After a bit of bleary-eyed contemplation, I settled on the word grace. It’s a life word for me. How I want to treat others, view the world, be seen through the lens of, etc. It’s an all-encompassing idea and perspective that I am working towards on a daily basis. So it seemed appropriate to use. Add some ink, some ephemera, more paint, and here we are!

Thanks for taking a peek into my pages for this week! Stay tuned for tomorrow for a super exciting announcement! 

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