A Tiny Series // Year of Petite Art Journals #1

Back in December, I decided on a new project for this year that would be low pressure and also challenging to my usual work. Within my friend group there was talk of creating every day, lettering every day, etc. I know how I work and knew that would be a goal I would fail immediately! There are some days I need a break from creativity. So, I decided on a monthly challenge rather than a daily or weekly one. With a bit more thinking, and stumbling across a tutorial on how to make art journals, the idea of tiny art journals came to me. “How tiny?” you ask? I didn’t want to stick to one format, but I gave myself the parameters that they must be 4″ square or smaller.

The first one of the series is 2″ square.




I’m titling this project A Tiny Series: Year of Petite Art Journals. You can use the hashtag #atinyseries on Instagram to see all my pages throughout the year.  So without further explanation, here is the first tiny art journal of the year.


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