DIY: Envelope Notebook

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This nifty little envelope notebook is super quick to make and great for keeping in your purse! I’m an obsessive list-maker which means I usually have like 345 post-it notes stuck everywhere including my purse. I’ve been trying to de-clutter as much as I can, so this little notebook is my attempt at keeping post-it notes & scrap paper out of my purse

What you’ll need:

a large kraft envelope, about 6″ x 9″ in size.
– graph, lined or plain paper
– stamps & ink pad
– anything else you want to decorate with

Other supplies not pictured:
– paper trimmer
– sewing machine

First you need to either glue down the flap on your envelope, or trim it off to create a pocket. I glued mine down as the envelope flap was a short square one that wouldn’t have made for a good pocket. Trim your paper down to fit inside your envelope. Fold the envelope and your papers in half. Line them up on the fold and sew together like so:

Now take your decorative bits and go to town! Do whatever the heck you like. I used washi tape and stamps because I have an abundance of both on hand. Since I’m on a diet, I made this one food-themed to help keep track of what I’m eating and what groceries I need. I also made a few more that I sent off to friends!
That list should also say “world’s biggest Easter basket full of chocolate” but I tried to show a little restraint. (You can also see that I was lazy and just ended the tape inside the journal. You can trim it to fit or even just continue it inside the journal. Or be lazy like me.)
What have you made with washi lately? I can’t wait to get my package from the Washi Tape swap and get crafting with it!

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