Inspired by Lauren of Lauren Likes

If you are ever lucky enough to find another person on this earth who inspires you in your creative journey, and you also get to call your friend, then you have found a gem. I feel this way whenever I chat with Lauren, of Lauren Likes.

She is incredibly down-to-earth, authentic and committed to her creative journey in this life. I was lucky enough to get to know Lauren beyond my role with Get Messy, and we have spent the last year growing our businesses alongside one another and getting to do life together while living on opposite sides of the world. She has been a sounding board for ideas, a friend who celebrates my wins with me, and a fellow creative who’s passion and excitement for showing others their creativity is contagious.

Lauren inspires me the most when I see how she is able to create art in volumes while she travels, and her incredible work ethic to build and love the community of Get Messy. She runs Get Messy around her full-time job, and squeezes travel into every chance she gets. Some of her most beautiful pages come from her travels, and they are always full to the brim with ephemera she’s gathered along the way.

Lauren’s work is also so happy – like it puts a smile on my face every time I see a new piece of hers. Her pages and paintings are always bright, colorful, cheerful and bold! She plays with color and mark making without abandon, and it never fails to make me feel happy when I see it! So often the work she produces has influenced my own work, and I love seeing pieces of people I love in my pages.

This past year as a Creative Team member for Get Messy has been one of the best experiences of my life so far. I won’t be returning to the CT in 2017 because I have a new baby (no big deal), but I am still so thankful to have found my art tribe with Get Messy. I’ll still be art journaling and creating with everyone, and can’t wait to see what Lauren and Caylee have dreamt up for us all this year.

Please make sure to check out Lauren’s blog to find out more about this past year’s Creative Team, and how other CT members inspire them.


  • Tanyalee Kahler

    January 4, 2017 at 10:17 am

    Oh those painting … and the travel journals. I love how Lauren takes in every single thing around her. So special.

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