Letters to My Younger Self.

Let’s all start off with a deep bow of awe for the amazing Nina via Get Messy, who came up with this wonderful journal. I can’t even take credit for it because it’s her genius that dreamt it into reality.

I know there are people who struggle with sharing themselves online beyond the happy moments, the jokes and carefully curated responses. I struggle with that too. However, in the sake of TRUE authenticity, and integrity, I’m choosing not to censor myself out of fear of what others will think. People will judge us all day long regardless of what we say/do. These pages are very real and very true to my own life. I have been a journaler since I was a child, so writing about myself to myself comes pretty naturally. Sharing those feelings and thoughts with others doesn’t come naturally at all. I hope these pages can encourage you to spend some time reflecting, and to be bold & brave enough to share it. Even if you don’t share it, I hope you’ll be brave enough to write the words down for yourself. You deserve it. You are worth the time spent on writing it all down

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