Season of Happy // Week 6

Do you ever surprise yourself? Like, you accomplish something and not sure how it happened? I feel like this with my journal pages this week. I spent the week feeling like I wasn’t dedicating enough time to art journal, and that I didn’t know how I was going to have anything to share this week.

Then, somehow, I managed to complete 5 pages. 5! What! I’m not even sure how. I honestly had no idea how many I completed until I edited the photos I took. Despite my feeling of not having enough time, I still managed to produce more pages than I normally would.

I bounced around from journal to journal and tried to follow the prompts from this week from Get Messy. Keyword: tried. This past season has had amazing prompts – they were incredibly thoughtful and well-written. But I couldn’t for the life of me get into them. I have no idea why. Other members created fantastic pages relating to the prompts, and part of me is a little envious. It makes me feel like I’m missing out a bit. But it’s my own inability to follow the direction that has got me here. It’s probably a blessing in disguise.

My one page was related to the GM prompts. I pushed myself to work in all yellow since this isn’t a colour I normally gravitate towards. The flowers were just printed off my computer and cut out (a la Essie‘s style.) It’s kind of a weird page since it’s sort of muted but bold at the same time? Weird.

I still can’t get enough of my gelli prints I’m hoarding, and this image of Dala horses made from them had been bouncing around since last week’s post. I foresee a pattern needing to be made of these.

More texture, more pattern! I used matte medium in the turquoise paint so it would hold the brushstrokes, which is hard to see in the photo. If it seems rippled that’s why!

Oh man – this is my LAST page in my altered book journal!! It’s officially done! I’m equally surprised that it took this long, and that it’s already done. I have more pages to share in another post that has snuck by quietly. I kind of love this indigo with the pink/copper/tan background. I’m doing some other projects that are heavy on florals, so I used my journal to work on some of that.

Another little page from my altered book. These were some more flower images I printed off and cut out, then drew on top of with a white paint pen. The background though is from a stamp I carved myself a couple of months ago. I had made this background page a while back but didn’t know where to go with it. These flowers needed a home. It was a perfect match.


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