It’s Here: 31 Day Watercolour Challenge!

Why are vacations so hard to leave? Probably because real life is all about crumbs, making 3 meals a day, working in my sweatpants and feeling like the weekend is a lifetime away. Real life is pretty great though. I’m thankful my real life is just as fantastic as going on vacation. But real life still demands that I clean the house, so. We got back this week after almost a week of down time with my in-laws, and we are so thankful for such a great large family holiday! Our girls loved getting to see their cousins and grandma/pa everyday. My oldest cried the day we headed home, declaring, “I don’ wanna go home!! I wanna stay!” Me too kid, me too.

I digress. On to what this post is really about.

It’s a new month, which means a new watercolour challenge! There was so much response to last month’s challenge, that I knew there was no way I couldn’t do it again. You guys are the reason I’m loving this new & fun reason to paint every single day. If you are new to the challenge, you can see last month’s set of prompts here, and check out the hashtag #foxandwatercolour on Instagram to see what everyone created. So many amazing artists showed up and there were over 2500 photos shared throughout the month! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Without more chit chat, here’s this month’s set of prompts!


The challenge has only just started, so there is still time to join us! I tried to strike a balance between subjects that a beginner can approach, as well as some more slightly advanced ones to challenge those of you who are continuing from last month. This whole challenge is about creating every single day, and to see watercolours as fun, approachable, and accessible. I hope you’ll join us – I can’t wait to see what you create!

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