My Real Home Art Studio Tour: Part 2

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painted side of desk

I started painting the side of my Ikea Malm desk a month or two ago, and hopefully will complete it at some point!? If you follow me on Instagram, you likely saw this in my Stories as I started it. That is a giant bee with a crown above it sketched out, waiting to be painted.

home art studio loft

Here’s my home art studio in its full glory. It really is super open and bright. The railing faces where our front door is, so any guests get to see this as soon as they walk in! I love that. The fabric tassel is something I made years ago when I still sewed regularly, and it just makes the railing feel so festive!

Thanks for joining me on this extensive and detailed home art studio tour! I hope it was fun to read and look at. I love looking at other people’s creative spaces, so I may have gotten carried away. But I’m not sorry!

And just because I want can, here are some fun detailed pics of my studio!

variety of art posters on wall

Some more artwork! Here is a Tegan & Sara poster from their 2007 The Con tour (which was life-changing and amazing!) Beneath it is postcards from my good friend Nina of imapapernerd and Lucky Poskitt of Lucy Poskitt Textiles. The pink painting is done by me, the horse image is from a vintage children’s book and the wonderful colour study is by Emma Howell.

coffee mug and journal on white desk

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to see the rest of my studio!

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    October 7, 2018 at 1:43 am

    its awesome !
    so interesting. thanks

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