10 Brush Letter Fonts I Love

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Hi, my name is Torrie and I’m a font addict. I want to be cool and pretend like I’m totally not, but the 2.5 GB of fonts sitting on my hard drive are saying otherwise! Like as I’m writing this post, I just downloaded 3 more new fonts. Eek!

10 Brush Letter Font - Fox + Hazel

Let’s be real here – a great font is amazing! Especially a brush letter font that makes you feel artsy and craftsy when you’re creating. I love a good brush letter font, and these are 10 that I use over & over again in my work. They’re versatile and add a bit of handmade flair to your designs.

12 Brush Letter Fonts I Love!

1. Hazelnut Typeface | 2. Besom Extended Brush Font | 3. Alegance Typeface | 4. Blackflower | 5. Native Land | 6. Malina | 7. Anatalia | 8. Adilla and Rite Typeface | 9. Starshine Script | 10. Kaizoku 


So, come clean – are you a font addict too? I know you’re out there! This is a safe space for all the typeface lovers out there. I support your addiction. Just don’t curse me if you end up with one of these lovely brush fonts in your collection! If you want even more awesome lettering fonts, be sure to check out 12 Playful Brush Fonts, 10 Hand Lettered Fonts I Love and 12 Thick Brush Fonts to get yourself some more fantastic brush letter fonts!

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