12 Thick Brush Fonts

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My love for thick brush fonts runs deep, so I couldn’t resist sharing my current faves with you guys. I love how they remind me of paint strokes on a page, and have a painterly feel. They’re also a little bit messy which is what my own writing looks like! You’ll also know that I love fonts, like, a lot. Maybe a little too much. You can check out my other favourite fonts here, here and here! I might be a font addict. Shh!

You can grab all these fun and thick brush fonts to use in all your projects. My current top fave is definitely Mallows! I love how loose and playful it is!

Download these 12 thick brush fonts below:

Mallows Typeface 

Boomshell Brush


Salty Hair

Lemon Shake


Styled  Up


 Girl Crush


 Mint Pistachio Trio Font

Misguided Brush


If you love all these fonts and want even more fonts (because who doesn’t!?), be sure to check out my other posts below!


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