10 Playful Brush Fonts

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10 Playful Brush Fonts - Fox + Hazel

Here are some fun + playful brush fonts that I’m really into these days! I also like that they aren’t all script fonts because sometimes a girl needs a good serif typeface too. These are all super versatile and add a fun handmade feel to your projects. Although I love a good script font, it’s nice to change it up with some playful brush fonts that aren’t just more script.

I’m super into the Kosmos and Sofia fonts! They’re both irregular and have a great painterly feel to them. These fonts will be a great fit for some projects I have in mind. I like using fonts like these in my Project Life albums. It’s an easy way to add a more “handmade” feel to them. This is a great way to add some lettering if hand-lettering isn’t your strong suit. If you want to check out even more fonts that I’ve curated, be sure to check out 12 Thick Brush Fonts, 10 Hand Lettered Fonts I Love, and 10 Brush Letter Fonts

Get these 10 playful brush fonts below!

Emerald // Sofia // Mix Redux // Sea Salt // Something Wild // Lazy Fox // Wild Spirit // Kosmos // Amulhed // Starshine

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10 Playful Brush Fonts - Fox + Hazel



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