50 Best Gifts For Artists in 2021

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best gifts for artists 2021

It has been a few years since I did a gift guide, but it’s time for a new one! I’m back with new unique gifts for artists that will be sure to put a smile on their faces. I had a lot of fun putting this gift guide together too. Gift-giving is one of my love languages. Which means I find myself always thinking of what kind of gift I can give someone in my life. These are all things I think any artist or art appreciator would love to get. There is a little bit of everything, from studio pottery, to functional studio supplies! And the best part is everything on this list is under $50! So you won’t have to go broke trying to spoil someone with fun & thoughtful gifts. Scroll on to check out 50 of the best gifts for artists in 2021.

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50 Best Gifts for Artists in 2021

  • Derwent Inktense Blocks – These ink blocks are a powerhouse when used alone or with water. They work like watercolor materials, but are permanent when dry. They are wonderful for so many different substrates – from paper to fabric, and you can create super vibrant artworks. Inktense blocks are a wonderful addition to any artist’s supplies!
  • Paint Palette with Lid – This is super basic, but I came across these via a Youtube crafter and had to get one. The flexible lid is great for storing paints if you’re working on a project that requires you to save your paints. The palette is cheap and works SO well. 
  • Stonehenge Aqua Black Hot Press – Black watercolor paper? Yup, you read that right. This is a game-changer of a paper, and it’s beyond fun to use. Instead of working light to dark, you get to work dark to light and ADD light to your paintings. It works great with metallic mediums and gouache!


  • Zen Art Black Tulip Watercolor Brushes – I reviewed these watercolor brushes on my Instagram account, and I still love them after a few months. They hold a ton of paint and the bristles are really great quality. They are just really, really nice watercolor brushes!
  • PopArtYOu Royal Pet Portrait – OKAY, this one is random but like honestly, the best one on this list. You can get a custom royal portrait made of your pet (or a family member!) and I think it’s just the most fantastic thing ever. The images are all created in the likeness of old painted portraits.  It’s very high art feeling while also being hilarious!
  • Promptly Journal Gratitude Journal – I also reviewed this Gratitude Journal from Promptly Journals on my Instagram, and I cannot recommend it enough. If you’re looking for a high-quality journal to start a daily gratitude practice, this one is perfect for it. There are prompts for every day and they really help you think beyond just the obvious. Love, love, love.

best gifts for artists 2021


  • Monte Marte 24 Acrylic Paint Set – This one might seem really basic, but these kits of acrylic paint are appreciated by ALL artists. Is there ever such a thing as too much paint? Nope, not in my world! These smaller tubes are a fun way to try out new colors & have a wide range of shades on hand.
  • Artistro Paint Pens – I was lucky enough to try out these paint pens in the summer, and they are now ranked up right next to my Posca paint pens. The paint quality is fantastic and I especially love the fine tip pens for smaller details. They’re great for rock painting or art journaling, or really any detail work!
  • Stonehenge Mini Paper pads – This set of mini paper pads is a really great way to try out all the papers that Stonehenge offers. These little paper pads are just 2.5″ x 3.75″ (6.5 cm x 9.5 cm). They are also great for making artist trading cards too!


  • Van Gogh Art Face MAsks – Masks really aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so may as well wear some that are fun! These Van Gogh face masks are a cheerful change up to the usual black ones I see most people wearing. Spread some joy even while wearing a mask!
  • Women in Art: 50 Fearless Creatives Who Inspired The World by Rachel Ignotofsky – This book is just such a fun read about 50 important women artists in history. The bonus is that it’s also a work of art in and of itself! cThis would be suitable for kids ages 10+ and a great addition to any home library!
  • Ceramic Sunshine Paint Palette – These handmade sunshine paint palettes are beyond adorable! I think they would make painting just that much more cheerful. Bonus: they are made by a pottery artist!

best gifts for artists 2021


  • Gogh For It T-shirt  – Do I need to explain this one? I just love puns a little too much, so shirt with an art put is just *chef’s kiss.* Must have.
  • I Don’t Want Love I Want Art Supplies Sticker – Never have I read a more accurate sticker! This sticker is made by an artist, and would be a fun stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift addition!
  • Desktop Vacuum – My artist sister has one of these & swears by it to clean up her desk. It picks up all those tiny paper scraps, eraser bits and anything else scattered on your desk.


  • Artist Paint Palette Earrings – My favourite piece of jewelry to wear are earrings, so I couldn’t pass up adding these art earrings to the gift guide. I love that they aren’t matching and that lil’ tiny paint palette is just precious!
  • Tombow Zippered Brush Marker Case – If you’re a hoarder of Tombow markers, then you need this case! It holds 54 markers or pens and zips up to keep them all safe. It’s a great way to transport your markers if you like to take supplies on the go!
  • Paint Brush Holder – This paintbrush holder is such a fun & unique gift to give. It can be personalized with anyone’s name, and the solid wood build means it won’t get knocked over easily!
  • Artist Keychain – These keychains are a fun way to spruce up your keyring! They’re made of acrylic, so they’ll hold up to being tossed in a bag or pocket!

best gifts for artists 2021


  • Arteza Advent Calendar – This is a fun advent calendar for the holiday season for all the artists out there! 12 days of a new supply every day – what’s not to love? 
  • Andy Warhol Selfies Puzzle – Where puzzles and art combine, you get this super cool 100 piece Andy Warhol puzzle! Made up of his famous polaroid portraits, this one will be fun to look at during and after the build!
  • Salvador Dali Melting Clock – For the real art nerds out there, this melting clock is just a fun way to bring Salvador Dali into your home. It’s an iconic art image made real!
  • Pottery Studio Mug – Every artist has a cup of either coffee or tea in their hands at least 50% of the time, so why not drink it from a great mug? I’ve been crushing on studio pottery lately, and this sunshine yellow mug is just absolutely perfect!
  • Skullcandy Dime Wireless Earbuds – Not that fun, but totally practical and necessary for making art: ear buds. I got this set of Skullcandy earbuds almost a year ago and I use them almost every single day. Whether it’s music or a podcast, I need something to listen to while I create. These are great quality for the price point and hold a charge for a few days of use!

best gifts for artists 2021


  • You Are The Artist Art Print by Jonas Loose – I came across this on Society 6, and immediately wanted it for my studio. It’s just a good reminder for life, but done in an art analogy – perfection. 
  • Woman Abstract Print by Justin Shiels – I don’t believe in a thing as “too much art” because I will plaster every wall in my house with as much art as I can get. This art print is no exception. It is painted by the talented Justin Shiels, who has a ton of other work that you absolutely need.
  • Ceramic Handmade Paint Water Cup – Again, my current crush on studio pottery led me to this perfect paint water cup. That little notch to put your brush in? Perfect. The speckled porcelain? Perfect. That wild and unique glaze? Perfect.


  • Paint Puck Rinse Cup – All artists know that the paint cup/jar/glass is a very important piece in your studio, right? I have opinions on what is the perfect paint water jar. But this paint cup is a game-changer with brush holders, a drip tray, and a textured bottom to help scrub paint out of the bristles. Genius!
  • Frida Kahlo Watercolor Coffee Mug – My adoration of Frida Kahlo goes deep, so a mug with this fun illustration is right up my alley. And probably most artist’s alleys. Bonus: it’s made by a truly amazing art teacher, Mrs. Edington, who goes by artwithmrs.e on Instagram. Her account inspires me so much and she shares so many fun art projects for kids!
  • Painted Water Bottle – If I can get an everyday object in some kind of custom design, I’ll do it every time. This water bottle has the art of Morgan Harper Nichols on it, who is an artist that I personally adore. Her art & her poetry are wonderful! It would be so fun to have her art on a water bottle!
  • Color Wheel Earrings – Another fun set of earrings, but BIGGER. These cool color wheel earrings from Oh So Jo are colorful, loud, big and just scream “I love art!!” She also makes a ton of other earrings, keychains, charms, and wall art that you NEED to check out!



  • Rolling Utility Cart – Not the most thrilling item to put on here, but a rolling utility cart is a must-have for any studio. It can hold so many supplies and is easy to move around as you need it. I’ve seen fellow artists use it as a portable art studio in small homes, in their big studios, even tucked away in their kitchens. It really us a super useful piece of equipment!
  • MoMA Sol Lewitt Double Sided Puzzle – Get a taste of modern art with this cool double-sided 500 piece puzzle that is a collaboration between Galison and MoMA. It’s a twofer with 2 puzzles for the price of one!
  •  Ultimate Pencil Crayon Set – You can literally never have too many shades to color/draw/shade with. This set of 180 pencil crayons surely will have every color an artist could think of!

best gifts for artists 2021


  • Black Art: A Cultural History by Richard J. Powell  – I’m a keen fan of any and all art history books, especially ones that highlight often overlooked groups. This book focuses on the history of black art throughout the lens of the African diaspora and studies how so many important art movements arose from it. If you’re looking to learn more diverse art history, then this book is a must read. I think it would be one of the best gifts for artists in 2021!
  • The Story of Art by E.H Gombrich – This book has been around forever and was personally my first introduction to art history. It’s now in it’s 16th edition, and formatted as an easy read about the history of art in a chronological order. My pocket edition is still one of my favourite books!
  • Henri Matisse Art Print – This colorful art print is a derivative of Matisse’s iconic “Nu Bleu IV” and a fun change in color. I think it would be at home in any artist’s home! 



  • Frida Kahlo Tote Bag – My girl Frida is back again, but this time in a fun tote bag! This bag would be great for carrying art supplies, all those cool art history books, or maybe just your work lunch. 
  • Handmade Leather Journal – This delicious leather journal is made by a Canadian artist, and would be a wonderful gift as a sketchbook. If you are someone who likes following The Artist’s Way, then this would be a special place to write your morning pages in as well!
  • National Gallery 1000 Piece Puzzle – Always here for more art puzzles! This one is a reproduction of “A Still Life of Flowers in A Wan-Li Vase” by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder in the 17th century. It’s been put out by The National Gallery of Scotland and it’s 1000 pieces of fun!
  • Yayoi Kusama Wooden Pin – This fun little wooden pin is celebrating one of modern art’s most iconic artists Yayoi Kusama. I’m a collector of flair and all sorts of pins, so this would be great for a fellow pin collector!

best gifts for artists 2021

  • The Short Story of Art by Susie Hodges – Another great pocket size book about art history that is a must have! This one breaks down history into key movements, themes and techniques ina very interesting way. This would be a great stocking stuffer or gift exchange item too!
  • Artist Pinafore Apron – I bought myself an artist pinafore a few years ago, and I’ll never go back to an apron or smock again. I love the coverage a pinafore gives and there are no ties to create pressure points on your neck. With big deep pockets, this thing is the best clothing protection I’ve worn for painting. Highly, highly recommend!
  • Clear Supply Pouches – Another practical but useful art supply are these clear zippered pouches. They’re great for storing literally everything and anything, but you’re still able to see what itn side them. They come with labels if you feel the need to label things too. They’re great for holding pencils, markers, stamps, ephemera, etc.
  • Paint and Brushes and Love Art Poster by CynthiaF – This encouraging art poster would be a great addition to a studio! I love the contrast and the positive message. Don’t we all need more art and love?


  • Great Women Artists by Phaidon – My last book recommendation on the list, but maybe the best? An art history book all about women artist’s throughout the ages. So many women artists were overlooked and dismissed but are being re-discovered by modern historians. I love reading about how women saw the world & interpreted it into their art work. 
  • Jungle Boogie Art Print by DomoINK – This Black artist is highlighting BIPOC people in all her work, and making some totally kick ass art that you will want in your home. I’m loving the jungle series personally. I’m also trying to work to diversify both the artists I support and the art in my home. I encourage you to do the same! 
  • Knit Thrum Mittens – I have strong feelings about mittens, and one of those is that they must be colorful and/or interesting to look at. These knit thrum mittens are a piece of folk art in themselves, as they originated in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. The inside is lined with bits of roving stitched into the design to provide a layer of warmth. The thrums eventually get worked together after wearing repeatedly and essentially create a felted layer of wool inside the mitt. So stay warm & support folk art!

  • Georgia O’Keefe Art Book – I fully lied above about that being my last book recommendation! This one however is an ode to the great Georgia O’Keefe only. It would be a great coffee table book to have. It covers O’Keefe’s work from 1910-1920 and includes quotes from the artist alongside her works.
  • Acrylic Pen Organizer – Storing paint pens requires some extra thought because they have to be stored horizontally. My paint pen collection is vast, and I use a similar acrylic organizer to store them. It works great for any and all pen/markers you have.
  • Artist At Work Sticker – A fun stocking stuffer idea would be this Artist at Work sticker!


And that’s it! There are 50 of the best gifts for artists in 2021 and all under $50. Which one do you hope you’ll get this holiday season? I might have my eye on the keychains and a few art prints!

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