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folk art flower

I have loved folk art flowers for as long as I can remember. I got a book a few Christmases ago that was all Scandinavian folk art flower embroidery designs and it’s so dreamy. Something about folk art just hits home for me. I think it’s the cozy and humble vibe this type of art gives off.

In the midst of all of our house drama, I found some time to pull out my gouache paints and paint these folk art flowers & leaves. I’ve recently started using gouache more for the opacity. It’s just like watercolors but more opaque and vibrant. It can be fun to play around with. I actually used some of my watercolors as well. You can turn any watercolor into gouache by adding some white gouache to it! It’s also cost effective if you aren’t ready to buy a whole set of paints.  But I will totally encourage and enable you to buy more art supplies if that’s what you wanna do!

These flowers and leaves can be used in a ton of projects and designs. They’d look super cute as a pattern on wrapping paper, or on a t-shirt design too!

folk art flower
folk art flower

You can actually grab this print for free over at Page Flutter! I created these prints using the pre-made folk art flowers that come in the download. That bottom wreath might be my favourite one! Bonus: these prints also come with editable versions for you to customize!

folk art flowers

**Download the Free Folk Art Flower Graphics HERE**

Terms of Use:

  • Free for personal use only. This means you’re free to use on your blogs, in your personal blog headers, and personal print projects. If you create free printables to distribute using these graphics, please link back to this post and attribute credit to Fox + Hazel. If you are interested in using these files for commercial use, please email to learn about commercial licenses.
  • Not for commercial use or use in web templates without the purchase of a license. This includes digital or physical products for sale as well as business-related products such as flyers, promotional signs, tags, etc.
  • Please do not distribute these files via email or blog. Instead, link back to this post.

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