Free Printable I Spy Flowers Activity Sheet

printable i spy sheet of flowers on clipboard

Spring is nearly here and man, oh man, I am READY for it. This time of year always feels so full of potential as the winter fades away. And we all know the best way to celebrate spring is with flowers! Even with the little ones. So here is a fun free printable I spy sheet for the whole family! I don’t share much about my family here, but I have 3 kiddos that I’m responsible for. As a mom, I love using my creativity and resources to create fun and engaging activities for them. I always joke that I missed my calling as a teacher! We do a lot of homeschool activities and preschool work at home, despite all my kids being in public school. One thing that my kids ask me to make often is coloring sheets for them! Mom is an artist, so of course, I can whip out a coloring sheet for them – right?!

In the theme of coloring sheets, I created this free printable I spy activity sheet. My 7 and 3-year-old children are both very into I spy and look & find books, so I created this with them in mind. My 6-year-old is pretty indifferent, but the flowers drew her into this one! There are 19 different flowers and leaves to find – how many do you think there is? This printable I spy is geared towards anyone older than 7. Younger kids may find the images too hard to find. But this is a really fun sheet to work on with your kids together! I completed one with my 7-year-old and it was fun to work on something together.

***Download the free printable I Spy Flowers activity sheet HERE.***

This fun freebie is for Personal Use Only. Be a nice human and do not sell or re-distribute.

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