Get Messy Collaboration + Free Adventure Zine

Ah, I have been waiting for ages to share this little gem with you all! Okay, more like 3 months, but that still feels like ages when I’m so excited. I was lucky enough to work with some cool women from Get Messy to create a really fun collaborative zine.

Zines are so much fun to make on their own, but to do it alongside some super cool women who are just as excited is even cooler. Lynda, Jenny, and Moriah joined me in creating an adventure themed zine. It took us around 3 months (I think?) to create this book of colour and inspiration. Okay, so enough talking (err – typing) and here are the photos of this thing!

I’ve done some collaborative zines in the past with the Zine Squad, but this was the first one where all the contributors received a final copy for us all to keep. I think that’s probably my favourite part of zines – that they are meant to be shared. SO, because I love you guys and love sharing art that you can physically touch, I’ve created a free download of this zine for you all. HOLLA. I went old school and scanned it in black & white to really give it that throwback feel. Your zine will print in black & white, and you can also feel hella cool with it.

Download the Adventure Zine HERE:

How to Print your Adventure Zine on a One Sided Printer:

  1. Download the PDF here!
  2. Print the first PDF on paper of your choice (cardstock works great!) Print at actual size.
  3. Important: To print the second page, make note of which way your printer feeds paper. Take the first page, place it in the printer so it will print on the backside of the first page. Make sure the orientation is the same, so that both sides print the right direction. If you have a printer that feeds from the bottom, you’ll likely need to feed the paper back in the same way it came out. If your printer feeds from the back (meaning the paper does not get turned over when it goes through the printer), then you will need to flip your page over. 
  4. Repeat with the following pages. There should be a total of 6 double sided pages when you’re done.
  5. Trim the pages using the crop marks.
  6. Fold pages in half & staple along the center of the zine.
  7. Enjoy your cool new zine!
Once you’ve downloaded and printed your zine, we would LOVE if you shared it with us! As an aritst, nothing jazzes me more than seeing something I’ve made in the hands of others. You can see more of the zine and share your copy on Instagram using the tag #gmadventurezine.

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