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Who’s Lee Krasner, you might be asking? Well, this is a great time to share about one of the greatest female artists of her generation who created abstract expressionist works. I won’t get into a long post here about the history of Lee Krasner, as it’s wide and deep and incredibly fascinating. If you’re interested in reading more about the works and life of Lee Krasner, I suggest reading Lee Krasner: A Biography or Ninth Street Women to learn more. 

However, in an incredibly brief summary of her life, she was best known during her time alive as being an artist and the wife to the famous Jackson Pollock. The latter title was what was she predominately was labeled as, and her entire works were often critiqued and viewed through the lens of “wife of Jackson Pollock.” Her career took a backseat when she married Pollock and spent much of her efforts championing his art career all while creating her own art in his shadow.

Only all these years later is she post-humously being recognized as one of the greatest modern art masters of the 20th century and influence in the modern art movement. Her works were large, gestural, and changed as her roles in life changed (from single to being “Mrs. Pollock”, to being widowed.)  As a female artist, I find her work inspiring and incredibly moving. The remaining collection of her work is small due to her repeatedly tearing up and recycling her work. It has only been after her death in 1984 that she is being recognized for her work outside of her relationship with her late husband. 


I started my series of creating coloring pages of female artists as I have been educating my children more. There are famous male artists we all know – Picasso, Monet, de Kooning, Da Vinci, Van Eck, etc. But so few genius female artists are taught or discussed! Even though it’s now being discovered that women artists have been around for as long as humanity. Remember that famous cave painting of hands that is one of the oldest paintings in history (around 44,000 years old?) In 2013 they discovered that these prehistoric handprints are likely comprised of 75% women’s handprints.

I digress. This free Lee Krasner coloring page is the next installment in my ode to honor and highlight female artist’s through history. Lee Krasner was a fiercely independent genius phenom of an artist who deserves to be seen. I hope this free coloring page will inspire you to dive into learning about female artists!

lee krasner coloring page


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