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Okay, I’m going to take you guys on a little bit of a trip. First, though, I am going to acknowledge the slight “weirdness” of this pop art printable I’ve made. It’s not a Pinterest perfect art piece, it’s not that sleek or really falls into any category. But, this print has a story behind it! And I want to share that with you.

The original of this art printable originally is a sketch I made in high school when I was around 16-17. I recall it was for a weekly sketch assignment (where we had to complete X amount of sketches from a list of prompts each week.) I believe this one was something to do with drawing a normal object or image using hot/cold colors to transform it. Maybe? Something like that. Anyways, this was a sketch from an image of an orange segment covered in coconut flakes. I drew it, turned it in, and got an unknown grade on it. Then promptly forgot about it for the next 10+ years. This is the aforementioned sketch below!

A couple of years ago I re-discovered my high school sketchbooks. It was a trip to flip through them & see what I was drawing in high school. As I was flipping, I came across this sketch. It was always one of my favourites, even if I had forgotten all about it. By now though I was creating art in a digital format and I had the idea to create a digital version of this sketch. Just for kicks. But I kept putting it off because I didn’t like using Photoshop to draw, and I wasn’t familiar with Illustrator yet. So the idea just got shelved for a while.

Fast forward to this past November. I gifted myself an early birthday present by getting a secondhand iPad Pro. It was something I’d been wanting for years but just couldn’t justify the price tag. But this year I pulled the trigger on one and got myself set up to learn Procreate. I’ve been drawing and learning for the last couple of months. Then I remembered my precious weird sketch from high school! So I immediately started working on it. And here we are with this modern pop art printable. I didn’t know how to categorize it, but I think it falls into the “modern pop art” arena ina vague sort of way.

! Is it that great? Not really. Is it anything groundbreaking? No. But it’s a piece of me, and a piece of my story in an art piece. Even if all it is, is a free print that lives on the internet that no one sees. It felt fulfilling to re-create some of my high school artwork. So, I hope you enjoy a little piece of my art history! 


modern pop art printable

**Download the Free Modern Pop Art Printable HERE**

This free art print is for Personal Use Only. Be a nice human and do not sell or re-distribute.

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