Girl Power Cross-Stitch Art Print

Framed poster of a cross-stitch inspired art print that reads "GRL PWR" in a rainbow design.

One of the earliest memories I have of crafting is learning cross-stitch. My late grandma sent me a birthday gift when I was about 10 or 11, and it was a beautiful beginner’s cross-stitch book with a project. At the time, my mom also was a fan of needlework crafts and there was no shortage of thread or aida cloth to be found! Over the years I’ve worked on different cross-stitch projects, even as recently as a few months ago. It’s not a craft I do all the time, I find I prefer it during the winter for some reason. Most of the time I will work on a project while I’m watching tv!

I see more & more people trying out cross-stitch and embroidery lately too. It’s honestly a pretty rewarding activity, and I find it to be pretty straightforward (unlike knitting. I have never been able to get into knitting!) Because of my history with cross-stitch, I was inspired to create a faux cross-stitch art print! I love the look of needlework projects, whether it’s cross-stitch, embroidery or needlepoint. But I know not everyone has the time/patience for a craft like that, so this is a shortcut!

Framed cross stitch inspired art print that reads "GRL PWR" in rainbow text. Sitting on a desk with plants and an old camera.

This cross-stitch art print was also inspired by Women’s History Month we’ve been celebrating. Women are amazing! I’m all about that girl power & encouraging our girls to be strong, fierce & kind. This print comes in an 8″ x 10″ size, but I also wanted to go bigger. So you can also get it in poster size (18″ x 24″) to make a BIG statement. I plan on printing it for our girls’ shared bathroom so they can see it every morning! And of course, as always, both of these prints are free.

**Download the 8×10 Cross-Stitch GRL PWR Art Print HERE**

**Download the 18×24 Cross-Stitch GRL PWR Art Poster HERE**

These free art prints are for Personal Use Only. Be a nice human and do not sell or re-distribute.

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